• Dog Coughing and Gagging
    Dog Coughing and Gagging
    Smoking is the main cause of chronic bronchitis.
  • How to stop Coughing at Night
    How to stop Coughing at Night
    There are two types of baby bronchitis; acute and chronic.
  • Home Remedies for Bronchitis
    Home Remedies for Bronchitis
    So, kennel cough is a type of bronchitis that causes inflammation of top of the respiratory system.
  • Coughing at Night
    Coughing at Night
    Lung infections that include bronchitis or pneumonia can also be responsible for causing night cough.
  • Chinese Medicine for Bronchitis
    Chinese Medicine for Bronchitis
    We hope that this article would have helped you with some information on Chinese bronchitis medicine.
  • Throat and Chest Pain
    Throat and Chest Pain
    Apart from viral and bacterial infection, there are several other causes of bronchitis like smoking and having a weakened immune system.
  • Common Causes of Bronchitis
    Common Causes of Bronchitis
    Restricted air flow leading to trouble in breathing is one of the most common consequences of bronchitis.
  • Difference Between Bronchitis and Bronchiolitis
    Difference Between Bronchitis and Bronchiolitis
    Now that you have a basic idea about the anatomy of the respiratory system, let's learn about the difference between bronchitis and bronchiolitis.
  • Herbal Tea for Cough
    Herbal Tea for Cough
    Infant Bronchitis Treatment.
  • Infant Bronchitis Symptoms
    Infant Bronchitis Symptoms
    It is known as infant bronchitis and below are a few facts about this kind of dreadful condition which every parent must know.
  • Acute Bronchitis Prevention
    Acute Bronchitis Prevention
    Most people develop acute bronchitis immediately after an infection by typical cold or the flu.
  • Infant Bronchitis
    Infant Bronchitis
    It can be observed that when typical cold in infants is not treated properly, it can lead to bronchitis.