• Dry Cough in Children
    Dry Cough in Children
    In most children, a dry cough is usually minor and relatively easy to treat.
  • How to stop a Dry Hacking Cough
    How to stop a Dry Hacking Cough
    The worst type is the dry cough that does not have phlegm or saliva.
  • Barking Cough
    Barking Cough
    Croup, which is also called residual dry cough or barking cough, happens as a result of irritation in top of the parts of the larynx and trachea.
  • Cough Medicine During Pregnancy
    Cough Medicine During Pregnancy
    Pregnant women suffering from dry cough can take this medicine.
  • How to treat Bronchitis in Babies
    How to treat Bronchitis in Babies
    If you are buying a cough syrup to deal with dry cough in children, make sure that the label on the bottle says it is suitable for children.
  • Itchy Throat and Cough
    Itchy Throat and Cough
    This causes itching and dry cough.
  • Chest Infection Symptoms
    Chest Infection Symptoms
    Initially, it is a dry cough however as mucous gets accrued, thick mucous is actually expelled that is yellow or green in color.
  • Old-fashioned Cough Remedies
    Old-fashioned Cough Remedies
    Almonds are helpful for the treatment of dry cough.
  • Acute Bronchitis Prevention
    Acute Bronchitis Prevention
    It could be a dry cough or it can generate mucus.
  • Dry Cough at Night
    Dry Cough at Night
    Other conditions associated with a nocturnal dry cough or a dry cough that aggravates at night include:
  • Do You Have the Flu, or Just a Cold?
    Do You Have the Flu, or Just a Cold?
    The cough can progress from a dry cough to productive cough with mucus.
  • Chronic Dry Cough
    Chronic Dry Cough
    Dry cough may start along with common cold, but if it stays for more than eight weeks, even after one is relieved of the cold, it can be said to be a dry cough.